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That just happened!

Hello Nalu community!

Our names are Dali (age 14) and Finn (age 11) Schonfelder. We would like to share with you a heart felt, impactful dream of ours that is unfolding before our very eyes.

In September last year we started selling t-shirts that many of you have bought from us – thank you.

We sold our T-shirts with the promise that for every one you “get” from us, we would “give” a school uniform to a child who must leave school simply because their parents could not afford a uniform or even worse, they don't have parents at all. 

You bought nearly 200 t-shirts from us so 3 weeks ago, we headed off to central, hot, dusty poor India to fulfil our promise: with every product we sell a part is used to provide school uniforms for children in need. We learnt a lot in India and had a busy yet life changing time there. As it turned out in India the school uniforms were a lot more expensive so for approximately every six t-shirts we sell, one uniform is donated. The school uniforms were more expensive than we thought because it cost more money to tail the uniforms with local woman than it is to tail them in the big factories in Mumbai. We choose the more expensive but better way to tail our uniforms, employing local woman. Also my family and I have a lot of experience with volunteer work in India. We have two good friends, Jeanette and Dewa,who helped us with several volunteer projects in the past five years. They are a lovely couple who we trust a 100% and who provide jobs for local woman. Unfortunately they don't have enough jobs for the local woman so that is where we started to help. 

stay tuned for our next part of this story...

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