The Gr. 8 quest project!

I have come to the conclusion that I want to continue with my clothing company, Nalu because it is my passion. Nalu is a clothing brand in the business of giving. Get one of our products and help Give a school uniform to a child who otherwise must leave school. In February 2015 my family (Jyoti my mother, Vismai my dad and Finn my brother) went to India to give our first school uniforms away. This totally changed my life. Giving a child an opportunity to stay in school instead of on the streets is such a good feeling! I want to give school uniforms to hundreds and thousands and tens of thousands of students because this changes children's lives. This is why I choose to continue Nalu as my quest project because to give school uniforms to tens of thousands of students we need to sell at least tens of thousands of Nalu products! I am very buzzy spreading the word and idea of Nalu. I am learning a lot of new things such as: public speaking, communication, how to create a t-shirt, how to sell your product and a lot more! I am so excited to start this blog and share my ideas! If you have any suggestions or ideas please leave a comment:) Oh, and what do you think of the orange logo? I was thinking of changing the colour maybe to blue? I post every other day so stay tuned;) XoXo 

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