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Heyyy guys! Some of you have asked me how I know all this research on the importance of school uniforms. Well, I have searched for several articles in the past few months and I found one specific article that have all the research in it. You will be surprised at the huge impact! These are just some of the reasons why we choose school uniforms as a contribution format: (If you want to read more I attached the document in this post.) 

1. Studies show there is a 65% more chance of a child attending school if they have a uniform.

2. In India, the government pays for food, school fees and uniforms up until grade 7 (13 years old). After that they pay for every thing except the uniform. Poor people get sent home because they do not have a uniform.

3. Studies show that within a year of getting a new uniform that fits correctly, the intellectual grades of the child increased in boys by 22% and in girls buy 27%.

4. Girls have a significantly less chance of teenage pregnancy if they have a uniform.

5. Teenage children have less chance of committing to teenage marriage.

6. When a village child has a school uniform, she is easier identified and less easily forced into farm labor at an early age.

7. Self esteem is difficult to measure but studies suggest that increased self esteem may be why school attendance and school grades become higher within one year of getting the new uniform.

8. Education helps break the poverty cycle.  

9. We looked at giving food or  school books. These things were great once you actually attended school but they did not get you to school like a uniform did.

I hope this answers your questions:) Education is so important because education breaks the poverty cycle. Please leave a comment or email me personally if you have anymore questions or suggestions. Xoxo



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