Our new Nalu film shows our progress.

Our new Nalu film shows our progress.

https://youtu.be/0ejtRFBKHNcDuring the summer we had the Chance to speak at the Buy1Give1 seminar on Bali. They are our new giving partners that allows us to giving more school uniforms to children who otherwise must leave school. We give uniforms through them every day now.

Here is the link on you tube.


Nalu is growing and so is our giving impact. Did you know we have had a 78% increase in enrollment at our pilot school? Kids want to stay at school! Also teenage pregnancy drops, school attendance goes up, grades go up by an average of 20% and the potential of children growing up in poor communities is acknowledged, often traceable to the source of having a school uniform. Something so simple, so affordable can change the destiny children throughout developing nations.

Nice weekend. dali and Finn x


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