World Day Against Child Labour

Every year, the number of children involved in child labour rises. This heartbreaking fact is even more saddening knowing that part of the reason is the accessibility to resources of education, such as school uniform. In many countries, like in India, uniforms are not free once a child turns 13 years old. The government stops paying for it which causes enormous drop out levels in these poor communities. This has a chain of reaction effect on child labour, as well as teenage pregnancy and poverty.

Over the years, we have witnessed the hardship of many of our friends in India who were not allowed to attend school simply because they could not afford the compulsory school uniform. Access to a uniform gives each child the opportunity to go to school, be safe, eat free food and drink water.

Beyond giving our friends the opportunity and access to education they deserve, we are also empowering women by only hiring local Indian women to sew our friends’ school uniforms, and all of our organic cotton products, and ensuring that they are working under ethical conditions.

We are glad to take part in closing this gap within communities. As we celebrate the World Against Child Labour Day, let’s work together to create more impact in the lives of many children and women around the globe, breaking the cycle of poverty - by giving opportunity to access education, one school uniform at a time.



Dali Schonfelder

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