Our Responsibility

Every time you buy a shirt you are contributing approximately 150 ml of petrochemical poisons into the world that never leave the Earth. The average person has 22 t-shirts in their closet right now. Of course we don't want to contribute to that! Which is why we searched for the cleanest factories on Earth. And we found them in India. Nalu is now only producing organic, toxic free clothing.


We create good clothing, not just less bad. The clothing we wear have impact. Here is why we need good fashion. Polyester can take up to 200 years to biodegrade (Heart, 2011). Non organic cotton is now responsible for 11% of worldwide pesticide use and 24% of total insecticide use. (Yale environment 360,2016) Cheap synthetic fibres emit nitrogen monoxide gas, which is 300 times more damaging than carbon dioxide. It takes 145 million tonnes of coal to produce a year's supply of fiber ( O Exotextiles) Making the fashion industry responsible for 20% of industrial water waste. (The Fair Fasion Centre) It takes 2,700 letters of water to produce the cotton needed for one t-shirt - the equivalent of what an average person drink sin three years. (World Wildlife Fund)