Why Uniforms ?

Why do we give school uniforms?

Children in a poor community have a 65% higher chance of attending school if they have school uniforms. Without school uniforms, children are often not allowed to attend school. In many cases too, children without school uniforms don’t even want to go to school because they feel left out. 

In many countries, like in India, uniforms are not free once a child turns 13 years old. The government stops paying for it which cause large drop out rates from school. This has a chain reaction effect on teenage pregnancy and poverty. Access to a uniform gives each child the opportunity to go to school, be safe, eat free food and drink water. 

We knew what we wanted to do; give school uniforms to keep our friends in school because education breaks the poverty cycle. We had to come up with a model that was financially sustainable because we didn't want to come back to our friends in India and say "Sorry, no school uniforms this year." We combined our passion for clothing and started a social enterprise with the Get Give model. That is how Nalu started!